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Training ROI

Many a time, organizations spend time, money and resources on training their staff. However, they fail to evaluate if the training sessions have really paid off.

Accord’s training ROI tools and methodologies assess if the organization’s investments have reaped results by quantifying the success of training, forecasting and measuring costs & benefits, and finally calculating the return on investment.

Through our unique sets of tools and practices, we assess the selection of training methods (classroom, self-study or on-the job training), faculty (trainers, tutors, instructors, etc) and faculty expenses (travel, accommodation etc.)  and the delivery of the training (classroom, CBTs, workbooks etc.) We finally link all this to the organisation’s business objectives to measure the impact of training on the organisation.

Accord also analyses the participant’s behavioural change by assessing if he/she has improved his/her training in a way that adds value to the organization. In order to effectively measure this, participant’s behaviour, both before and after the training, is assessed. Surveys of their peers and managers are also done and a positive impact on performance indicates that the training has indeed paid off.

This will help organizations decide whether to invest in training and the modes of training in the future.