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Cross Cultural Learning

A multi-cultural environment is the fabric of today’s workforce. And creating a supportive cross cultural environment is critical for an organisation’s long term success.

With the markets opening up, understanding different cultures and the many ways of doing business has become a critical success factor.

Hence, to have a competitive global advantage, organizations need to have employees that are culturally savvy and alive to the different situations across the world.

At Accord this is very effectively done through training, coaching & mentoring.

Accord specializes in developing cross cultural sensitivity & strategies that assist the organization in analysing and tackling the challenges of a multicultural workplace.

Individuals, teams, departments – in short every one in the organization – can be made ready to face the situation that arise through understanding

  •     Country specific values, morals & ethics
  •     Business practices
  •     Etiquette and protocols
  •     Communication & negotiation styles

Accord has the capability to equip people with the key skills that will enable them to deal with and foster successful business relationships with others across the globe. This can be done one on one or in groups/teams.
Companies today work in tandem with firms in other countries, they outsource work to companies in different parts of the globe, build cross functional and multi-location teams to leverage on local expertise and even assign and relocate people to different host countries. Therefore, in order to have a competitive global advantage, the organizations must ensure that their employees go through various intercultural team building and communication exercises.

Accord’s cross-cultural strategies are focused on introducing, analysing and tackling challenges in a multi-cultural workplace. By taking the team/ individual through country-specific values, morals, ethics, business practices, etiquette, protocol or negotiation styles, Accord equips them with the key skills that will help nurture successful business relationships.

This helps reduce miscommunication and resolve the differences between national, corporate and functional cultures at work. This ensures an increase in productivity and the effectiveness of the organization.