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Change Management

Organizations are constantly evolving to keep pace with the changing world and growing competition. Change has become the name of the game.

Accord specializes in organizational transitions and enables organizations to deal with the ever changing environment and scenario through its interventions.

The Accord Change Management program along with simulation tools helps the organization & its employees embrace the required changes and make it part of their ethos and culture.

The Change Management intervention helps achieve the following through simulation tools, self assessments and specialist guidance

  •     Realize the need and appreciate change
  •     Understand resistance to change
  •     Develop strategies & skills to cope with and manage change

It also enables participants to understand people and how different people look at and accept change. Through this knowledge the drivers of change are able to influence people and successfully guide the process of change in the organization.

The interventions cover a wide range of aspects integral to leading and managing change including influencing skills and stakeholder management. Our facilitated workshops have many benefits for the organisations:

  •     Participants learn the importance of being open and looking for constructive solutions.
  •     They become sensitive to underlying motivations to understand what influences and impacts others.
  •     They learn to analyse stakeholders from a ‘what’s-in-it-for-them’ perspective to engage them appropriately.
  •     They gain insights on the importance of below-the-surface influencers in decision making.

Participants not only learn how to systematically and successfully bring about change in an organisation or team, but they also imbibe the qualities to become a change champion and be a role model for others.