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Case Studies

The most respected brands, be it MNCs or small businesses, count on our services to make their businesses run smoothly. At Accord, we give them what they need to stay ahead of the competition. Here are some examples.

Client Case Studies

"Partnering for training delivery of multiple programs at multiple locations across multiple levels"

About: Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. It is the largest consulting firm in the world and is a Fortune Global 500 company. In India, Accenture has close to 75,000 employees in various locations including Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Kolkata.
Situation: Accenture has created a wide variety of training programs for its employees, ranging from those for fresh graduates to those for employees with greater than 10 years of experience. Accenture needed reliable and experienced training partners with a team and infrastructure that could deliver these programs to its employees across all cities in India throughout the year. The range of programs include Communication skills, Presentation Skills, Leadership Programs, Change Management, Team Work to name a few.
What we are doing for Accenture: Certified Accord trainers are currently delivering programs for Accenture in all locations in India and across experience levels. We conduct simultaneous programs in multiple locations throughout the year with consistent excellent results in all categories of programs.
Tags: Accenture, delivery partner, multiple locations, multiple levels, across the country, multiple programs

"Enabling academicians to improve their chances of getting research grants"

About: Wellcome Trust is a global charitable foundation dedicated to achieving improvements in health by supporting research projects in biomedical research and medical science. Wellcome Trust in alliance with Department of Biotechnology, Government of India welcomes research papers from scientists conducting research in the field of Biomedical and Medical Science. The short-listed research works are presented in front of a panel by the scientists and selected projects are funded by the Alliance.
Situation: that existed at Wellcome Trust: Short-listed scientists had to present their work to a panel for final selection of projects for funding. Wellcome Trust felt that many excellent scientists were losing the opportunity to receive grants because they lacked presentation skills and were not able to convey their ideas logically, coherently and with impact. Wellcome Trust wanted to improve the presentation skills of short-listed scientists so that their chances of receiving the funds increased manifold.
What we are doing for Wellcome Trust: Department of Biotechnology Alliance: We conduct presentation skills programs specially designed for scientists (and the academic community) who are short-listed to present their research work. The workshop includes video feedback so that the participants understand their areas of improvements in a much better way and can implement changes in the shortest possible time. The program has been a huge success among the participants and the feedback has been excellent. We conduct these programs for the Alliance on a regular basis in locations like Benares, Kolkata and Hyderabad.
Tags: Wellcome Trust, presentation skills, academicians, NGO

"Supporting internal learning and development needs through customised programs, content and delivery"

About: Goodrich is a Fortune 500 company that is a leading global supplier of systems and services to the Aerospace and Defence Industry.
Situation: Goodrich India required specific programs for their specific needs across the organisation. Programs had to be created for various roles that employees played in the organisation as well as for overall development of employees. Goodrich wanted to establish an annual training calendar and a system whereby managers could nominate their subordinates for specific programs or employees could nominate themselves for relevant programs. This being the first time that training was being rolled out systematically across the organisation, the challenge was to build programs that were specific enough to address the needs, generic enough to cater to multiple levels of employees attending the program and engaging enough to make employees want to attend training.
What we are doing for Goodrich: We work very closely with the Goodrich team to create, design and deliver customised training modules to address the training needs of all employees of Goodrich. New modules are created constantly as new needs arise and older programs are updated based on the feedback given by the participants as well as the changing needs of the organisation. Our program design and delivery methodology has ensured that learning objectives of all participants, irrespective of role / experience, are met satisfactorily. We continue to exceed the client’s internal metrics set to measure the success of the programs within the organisation.
Tags:Goodrich, customised design and delivery, regular revision of modules, multiple programs, content development

"Delivering international programs in international locations with local context"

About: Berlitz is a global training firm with its headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey and Tokyo, Japan. Berlitz specializes in language skills, cross – cultural and leadership skills programs.
Situation and Challenges: Berlitz had designed innovative programs for one of its global clients. While the customised programs were to be delivered to employees in the client’s locations across the globe (including North and South America, Europe and Asia), the content for these programs were to remain the same. Topics to be covered included Creativity, Time Management, Building Business Cases, Change Management and many more. The challenge that Berlitz faced was to deliver this global content in the client’s local offices with the local context to make it relevant for all employees. Berlitz needed a versatile partner that could deliver these programs effectively under strict service level agreements, manage the local coordination independently, handle diverse audiences with ease and, above all, be a reliable partner to Berlitz in this global assignment.
What we are doing for Berlitz: Accord was selected by Berlitz as its partner for this assignment and we have been ensuring efficient, effective and successful training delivery at their client’s locations in India and Singapore. Our ability to customise the programs for the local / organisation context and our engaging training methodology has ensured successful workshops since 2005.
Tags:Berlitz, delivery partner, multiple locations, multiple levels, multiple countries, multiple programs, global assignment

"Global finishing school for future leaders"

About: Infosys is a Bangalore based global technology services company with revenues exceeding 6.8 billion USD. Infosys is the pioneer of the Global Delivery Model which changed the mind-set of customers towards outsourcing. Infosys Leadership Institute (ILI) is a globally recognized institute that to train its employees on leadership skills. ILI was restructured in December 2009 and is now called Professional Skills Development (PSD).
Situation and Challenges: Infosys was looking for a vendor for developing its training department. It was required to develop the content, conduct train the trainer programs for Infosys employees and certify them to run the programs at various locations. Moving forward, Infosys was also looking for vendor to help them induct their new hires and also to develop and deliver programs for their Corporate Finishing Schools.
What we are doing for Infosys: We have helped Infosys in developing their own internal training department and also we were closely associated during the inception and building of ILI. The initial content was developed by Accord and we had delivered the program at all locations of Infosys. We groomed all the trainers at Infosys and made them capable enough to carry forward the ILI responsibilities. Accord also delivers Global Business Finishing Schools programs for new joiners at Infosys. Around 40,000 freshers who were hired by Infosys undergo these programs in the year 2011-2012, whose foundations were laid down by Accord and Infosys together.
Tags:Infosys, delivery partner, finishing school, multiple programs

"Collaboration, co-creation and customised solutions"

About: TVS Motor Company is the fourth largest automobile manufacturer in India. Under the flagship of TVS group, it has 40,000 employees and close to 15 million customers. Known for its quality control, it was awarded the Deming Prize for commitment to quality. They also manufacture three wheeler autos for domestic as well as international market.
Situation that existed at TVS Motors: TVS hires engineering and diploma graduates (fresh graduates as well as lateral placements) from across India and these employees come from different cultures and mind-sets. TVS had 3 main objectives to meet:
  1. Align and integrate all incoming employees into the TVS culture.
  2. Assess and train all employees across levels on competency-linked modules.
  3. Design and develop customised training programs to address the competency gaps.
  4. Build and establish a full-fledged internal training team that is capable of driving the training culture across the organisation.
What we are doing for TVS: We have partnered with TVS to co-create customised interventions designed to meet the benchmark competency requirements of all employees at the various levels. We work very closely with the TVS team to not only co-create customised modules and deliver them across India, but also to run assessment centres to evaluate the effectiveness of training. Program design and content development is done using the Instructional Design Methodology and we also run Train-The-Trainer programs for the internal team and certify them to take over and deliver the modules independently. Customised interventions to achieve the objectives have also included Experiential Learning Workshops to improve team bonding and alignment with the TVS culture.
To help TVS achieve its long term vision of getting fresh ‘ready-to-deploy’ graduates, we have also partnered with them to co-develop a unique training program designed to groom college students on campus and reduce the on-boarding and deployment time upon graduation.
Tags: TVS, design and delivery partner, multiple locations, multiple levels, across the country, collaboration, co-creation, content development

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Module Case Studies

Campus to Corporate

"Making fresh talent immediately deployable"

Situation: After spending considerable time, money and effort, organisations recruit the best and the brightest graduates from campuses across the country. These fresh recruits are young, have high energy and come with a ‘ready to do anything’ attitude. However, this being their first real experience of corporate life, organisations have to carefully manage the reality check and also orient / induct these future leaders into the organisation culture. Along with this, the organisation needs to train these recruits on the basic skills that they expect all employees to have as soon as they are on a job. If this phase is not managed well, rather than get an energetic bunch of high potential talent, the organisation ends up with a disgruntled set of people that is unable to reach their potential and deliver at the expected level of competence.

What we do: Accord has designed a unique Campus-to-Corporate program that holistically addresses the knowledge, skills and attitudes that every organisation expects from its fresh recruits to settle into their careers. Our program is designed to ease the graduates into corporate life and give them all the necessary skills to be effective as they enter the new phase of life. We focus no only on necessary skills like professionalism and communication skills, but also equip them with the essence of team work and interpersonal skills that will enable them to succeed in today’s fast-paced and constantly changing work environments.

Once participants finish this program, their peers and superiors notice an immediate visible change in the participants’ attitude towards people and work. Such is the power of the campus to corporate program.

Recent clients for this (partial list): Analog, Symantec, Goodrich Aerospace, Infosys, Accenture, Informatica and many more.

Tags: Multiple clients, campus to corporate, finishing school, fresh graduates, fresh recruits

Presentation Skills

Situation: It is always said that a good idea is not considered as a good one until it is shown as one.

For many talented professionals in this world, it is a huge problem when it comes to conveying their ideas and to convince their peers, superiors and clients. In short, presentations become a nightmare and the desired result is not achieved. Accord believes that everyone can be a great presenter. If they do not think so, then all they need is a presentation skills workshop with us.

What we do:
Our unique model of presentation skills, not only discusses and arms you with tips and techniques for an effective presentation, but also gives you enough practice to bring your confidence as a presenter many notches higher – within a day! Our unique methodology of including video-feedback has been successful in making people believe in themselves.

Our comprehensive presentation skills programs cover multiple objectives and enable participants to:

  • Conceptualise and create powerful presentations on technical and non-technical topics
  • Develop the ability to consider all elements of making a compelling presentation
  • User Microsoft PowerPoint effectively to create professional presentations
  • Develop the skills of making charts and presenting data effectively
  • Develop the ability to express themselves in person
  • Develop a self-confident image when speaking
  • Select, organise and structure matter to suit the audience
  • Make professional presentations
  • Make best use of audio-visual facilitators in presentations
  • Handle diverse audiences and their questions
  • Project their own and company’s image

We run these programs for all levels in an organisation, including senior executives. This is one of our flagship transformational programs and equips participants with skills that they will use regularly over a lifetime.

Recent clients for this (partial list): HP, Wellcome Trust, Informatica, CA Technologies, HR College and many more.

Tags: Presentation skills, flagship program, video feedback, transformational, across levels

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