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Assessment Centre

Accord’s Assessment Centre evaluates the current skills and potential of an individual or team. This assessment can be utilised for either selection or development.

  • Assessment centres for selection (recruitment or promotion) are run to identify whether an individual is right for a particular role / project

  • Development centers are run to assess the potential of an individual and ascertain if he/she is eligible to undertake more responsibilities within the organisation. It is also used for identification of competency gaps and subsequent training needs identification.

Accord has developed tools for assessment for accurate results. It also has specialist assessors to ensure that assessments throw up accurate results.

Accord has a wide range of exercises to suit the organization’s exact requirements. It uses the following tools to assess a candidate:

  •     Online Tests
  •     Paper-based Tests
  •     Psychometric Tests
  •     Behavioural Profiling
  •     Role Plays
  •     In Basket Exercises
  •     Group Exercises
  •     Presentations
  •     Interviews

The candidates are assessed on

  •     Oral/ Written Communication
  •     Leadership Skills
  •     Cultural Sensitivity
  •     Listening Skills
  •     Negotiation Skills
  •     Customer Orientation
  •     Planning and Organisation
  •     Decisiveness
  •     Problem Solving
  •     Flexibility and Adaptability
  •     Working Technology