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Simulation-based Training and Assessment

Accord brings to the table a technologically advanced simulation learning that’s a lot faster and a lot smarter!

Simulation-based training presents a realistic corporate world in a virtual set-up.  By incorporating computer based simulations in our training and assessments, we allow participants to don a corporate executive avatar in the virtual world. They undertake specific tasks, which call for decision making, problem solving, analytical thinking, comprehension and others in a very realistic setting. Case studies and advanced business scenarios are used to put participants through ‘real life’ in a ‘virtual world’.

Like the real world, the game-like virtual corporate too is time-bound where every second counts and where the candidate has to deal with several senior-level executives and mid-level managers—virtually!

In short, the candidate gets to be a part of the company or virtually run a company. It allows participants to take risks in a controlled environment and see the results of their decisions. It helps participants to understand the various intricacies that go into running an organization and the impact their decision making can have. It gives participants a hands-on experience of being at the helm of affairs and understanding the vagaries of ‘business’.

The participants thereby learn new skills and apply that knowledge in a risk-free environment that’s more interactive and dynamic. This enhances the learning process and increases competence, without running any risks within the organization.

Accord has designed unique programs that incorporate computer based simulations to address key business areas like change management, stakeholder management, influencing skills, business acumen, strategic thinking, entrepreneurship and corporate finance and more.

We continue to push the envelope on creating new, interactive, engaging and experiential learning simulations that drive greater learning and retention than regular PowerPoint driven workshops.

While this mode of training is interactive and engaging, it can also be used as an effective assessment tool that offers clarity on what a candidate’s personality and attitude is like! Through our interactive simulation assessment tool and evaluation methodologies, we can generate an instantaneous report and provide feedback on a participant’s competencies like analytical ability, planning, reading comprehension, business communication, business acumen, logical thinking, leadership maturity and many others.

Using simulation tools, such as video, audio and graphics, Accord offers a flexible user experience.

The Advantage

  • Highly flexible and can be modified based on client needs
  • Highly cost-effective and can save time and resources
  • Creates unique work environments
  • Creates varied work scenarios through role plays and exercises