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Experiential Learning Workshops (ELWs)

Accord offers new-age curriculum that’s innovative and unique. This is done through Experiential Learning Workshops or ELWs. These ELWs are generally conducted in areas away from comfort zone like forests, but they can also be done as indoors in the classroom. They involve doing, understanding and then absorbing the learning. 

These trainings are lot more intensive than regular trainings and can also be used to develop skills like Leadership, Team Building & Team Working, Interpersonal Relationships, Creativity and Innovation, Problem Solving and Decision Making to name a few. They are also a great way to help get the senior leadership team to develop an organisation’s long term vision and mission. 

Accord’s experiential training workshops have changed many an organizational scenario, including resolving interdepartmental conflicts and manager-level miscommunications.

These delivery methods enable participants to experience situations outside of their comfort zone. They also assist in the understanding of self and objectively analyzing one’s strengths and limitations. This understanding and analysis leads to objective action planning and implementation.

Experiential learning helps:
  • Create simulations and conditions for safe learning
  • Enable comprehensive debriefing of activities
  • Convert Accord ELW experiences to practical learning
  • Handle divergence and conflicts, if any
  • Processing of individual and group dynamics
  • Provide feedback on activities and assessments
  • Offer management inputs and link up with work / life
  • Facilitate development of action plans
  • Establish the follow-up process
  • Ensures accelerated learning
  • Powerful supplement to classroom
  • Enables practical application of concepts under simulated / controlled conditions
  • Total internalization and longer retention
  • Enhances the core development
  • Builds upon ‘One for all…all for One'