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Excellent customer service is not only consistent with our values, it makes good business sense to our customers. Find out how we have added value to our customers.

Client Testimonials

Danny de Vreeze :: CEO, Everett

"a Meeting of minds"
This sentence has been characteristic for our engagements over the past 12 years.  For the first time mentioned in 1997 as the direct response to my company's (Wisdom) request for assistance to create a 10 day fully residential and outbound program for our Dutch and Indian staff.

Wisdom, being an ambitious Dutch ICT services Company, with three offices in the Netherlands and one in Bangalore, was committed to make an off-shoring delivery model work effectively.  So, it had to find means of managing the cross cultural challenge.

The company furthermore desired to focus on its softer corporate assets to strengthen its harder ICT skill capacity and to therewith become the most attractive employer for Dutch and Indian professionals.  'KHOJ' became the unique program that installed team building and bonding in this multi cultural setting.

KHOJ was created as a 10 days outbound program covering soft skill development areas like: team building, presentation skills, cross cultural understanding and communication, insight in personality types, and so on, added with glances of: drama & theater, yoga (daily), NLP, holistic medicine, and much more.  The aim was to have a team of 12 - 15 different trainers to conduct all the workshops for the Dutch, Indian teams, consisting of Wisdom employees as well as staff from clients and partners.  A huge endeavor coordinated by the professional Accord team.  The main learning point in this setting soon became, that as long as minds and people meet, success can be achieved.

Ever since Accord has run many of these programs for Wisdom, Mapmaker and my current company Everett, with the most recent program finished in December '08.  KHOJ in many varieties has been conducted across Karnataka, with many International batches, and a consistent gain of the highest appreciation records.   It has been a great asset and pleasure to have the Accord team take full responsibility for everything involved in programs that sometimes touched the size of 40 in supporting staff and trainers and required weeks of preparation. 

Accord's professionalism, dedication and commitment have been instrumental in this achievement, however our 'meeting of minds' and Accord's practical translation of that has been the key to KHOJ and the successful deployment of my companies' blended shoring, blended team approaches!

Danny de Vreeze
CEO - Everett

Uday Kumar :: Co-Founder, Director & CEO, Trueskill Technologies

I was the GM Finance at Madura Garments (in the early 90s) when I first met Shiv & Mukta of Accord Consultants. They were handling a series of interventions for the Sales Team and the back end functions of Coats India, and was impressed with the work they had done.

Later when we at Madura Garments (1993-96) needed a Training partner who could revitalise the team - bottom up, I connected with Accord and they took up the assignment which was a series of 3-4 day residential workshops and this was received very well by all the participants. I had the practice of being present at the Inaugural and Concluding sessions and was bowled over by the "Missionary Zeal" showed by Shiv & Mukta in handling the intervention and the personal interest they took in dealing with the development needs of individual participants. We had subsequently given them the assignment of doing One to One Coaching to identified Executives and make them "Manager ready". They handled this with aplomb and all the executives came out in flying colours.

In my subsequent assignment as VP Finance in Coats India (1997-98), I felt the need to build the soft skills and thought alignment amongst my team of Finance & IT Executives spread across all the mills. This was again done as a series of 3 day residential workshops and Accord did a fantastic contribution to the teams.

Post this at Indus-League too (1999-2001), Accord partnered with us in many soft skill interventions from a customer service perspective.

I am happy with the association with Accord and wish the Accord team the very best as they progress on their journey of transforming organisations.

V Uday Kumar
Co-Founder, Director and CEO
True Skill Technologies (P) Limited

Joe Noronha :: Executive Vice President - HR, UB Ltd.

It is nice to know that Accord is launching its website and expanding its operations to ASEAN and SAARC countries after the great work that you have done for organizations in India across all sectors. Accord's partnership with UB during the last decade is commendable. On behalf of UB I would like to wish ACCORD all the best and give testimony to the great work that Accord has done for UB. We have approached Accord during the last 10 years or more for our identified training intervention. This has been across all functions of sales and manufacturing. Accord has designed the intervention based on our need and delivered the same exceeding our expectations. The projects implemented by the participants, speaks volumes of the benefits of the Training input given to them by Accord.

At this juncture I take this opportunity  to wish Accord all the best in their future endeavors. I am sure we will continue our fruitful association in the years to come.

Joe Noronha
Executive Vice President - HR
United Breweries Limited

C. H. Ramesh Kumar :: Assistant Professor, BITS

BITS Pilani is very happy with the association with you in our educational initiatives at Bangalore.  Specifically we appreciate your contributions to our M.S. Collaborative program at Wipro Technologies for the past ten years in handling the Technical Communications course.

We appreciate your initiative and willingness to take up challenging assignments and fulfill the requirements to the satisfaction of all the stake holders. We look forward to your continuous support in our educational initiatives at Bangalore.

C. H. Ramesh Kumar
Assistant Professor
Birla Institute Of Technology and Science (BITS) off campus center


V Kovaichelvan :: Senior Vice President (HR), TVS Motor

It is heartening to note that "ACCORD" is reborn with 26+ years of journey towards excellence in people development. Our association with ACCORD is close to a year when we were looking for a partner for one of our challenging interventions.

We were looking for a partner to get our 20 years young Diploma Engineers fully functional on their role as "Team Leader" by accelerating development of their maturity and competence. We invited three potential training partners to understand our requirement and present their approach for the interventions. We have selected "ACCORD" based on their client profile, experience and open mind to partner with us to co-learn and co-create the solutions.

We are co-learning and co-creating the solutions for Team Leader development. With a very focused competency framework, training modules are developed using instructional design, measuring achievement of objectives during and after the program. In the last 6 months, we have covered 66 Team Leaders with 4 modules. This is being done with an active involvement of our line managers. Even with the intervention half-way-through, we are able to notice significant changes with the Team Leaders; their becoming more self-aware, confident, improving their relationships and we are sure this would reflect on the results in the coming months.

One of the unique aspects of this partnership is about transferring all the required competencies for soft skill training to the team of HR and line managers for future interventions.

We are quite satisfied by our experience and relationship with "ACCORD" and we would keep expanding the scope of our relationship in the coming years. We look at ACCORD as an organization with enough bandwidth in terms of number of people and competencies to take on challenges of future.

We wish ACCORD Consultants (P) Ltd's team all the success in all their endeavors to strive for excellence and contribute to people development globally.

V Kovaichelvan
Senior Vice President (HR)
TVS Motor Company Limited

Lakshmi Sunder Rajan :: HR Manager, Informatica

I am delighted to share my wonderful Learning and Development experience with Accord Consultants Pvt. Ltd. during my tenure with Informatica as HR Manager till January 2009.

Accord has demonstrated their strong training deliverables by their dedicated and state of the art designed and customised workshops with complete attention to detail with the customer's needs. Our experience working with Accord has been one of the best and I would qualify it as very innovative, very customer centric, and reaches the return on value on investment for the customer in the most economic model.

Their training exposure and their trainers' experience are both well validated and one point that stands out to be highlighted is their promptness to response and queries, their alertness to customer needs and customisation of each deliverable module time and again based on behaviour, expectations and net results.

Accord's dedication to the learning field would be incomplete without citing the rich experience and industry knowledge that Shiv and Mukta have jointly earned and have ensured that each of their trainers is trained with the same brand values and speak up for Accord the same way that they do.

As a vendor, I do rate them high in my list for their remarkable contribution to the wonderful trainings done together and the benefits and take-away post every program in the form of various evaluation processes. Wishing them good luck.

Lakshmi Sunder Rajan

Madhavi Srinivas :: Asst. Professor, Acharya School of Mgmt.

My association with Accord started during my tenure with Monsanto where I invited them to run an outbound team building program for our scientists. I appreciate Accord for the professionalism they have shown in their approach to the program, their thoroughness in debriefing the activities and their involvement in the followup program. This prompted me to invite them for some more training programs like Presentation Skills and Outbound programs for other groups. I could see the impact these trainings had on many participants. What followed was a series of other assignments with Accord, across locations and groups, for Leadership Skills, Team Building and Outbound, to name a few. I am glad to have used Accord's expertise and would definitely recommend them to others as well in my current organization.

Madhavi Srinivas
Assistant Professor - OB
Acharya School of Management

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Partner Testimonials

PRN Murthy :: MD and Principal Consultant, GMALS

Our association with Accord commenced in June 94 and is actively current. We can claim to be the longest term business partners of Accord. During this decade and a half, our companies have worked very closely in delivering customized training to many client companies.

Needless to say, our growth as a training company has been inextricably linked with Accord. We have had numerous opportunities to design and deliver workshops to meet the needs and expectations of the Accord customers. We have done this successfully every time due to the autonomy and space given to us for showcasing all our knowledge, experience, innovation and resources. Of course, every time we have done a good job, we have been generously stroked privately and publicly for our contribution raising our desire and motivation to do even better.
We have great pleasure in formally documenting that we have benefited immensely from their clear and ambitious vision, resourcefulness, synergistic networking and consistently high operational delivery.

We are also looking forward to a continued association with Accord to project the new branding full of power and punch and also perform to that benchmark!

P R N Murthy VSM (Veteran)
Managing Director & Principal Consultant
GM Academy for Leadership Skills (P) Limited

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